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Goldie Sculptor's Bronze is bronze of a beautiful golden color, which is very hard after firing. It is formulated with long carbo-hydrogen chains in the binder formula to have much greater strength and more resistance to collapse under its own weight than regular bronze clays and is more cohesive when wet and stronger after the first firing step. This allows the artist sculptor to create much larger designs. Another aspect of Sculptor's Bronze is its silky smooth texture and with appropriate hydration it can be thrown on a potter's wheel.


This clay is well suited for sculptures and larger forms of jewelry. You can shape the wet and dry clay using chisels and other traditional sculptor’s tools.


Goldie Sculptor's Bronze is environmentally friendly and contains approximately 90% copper and 10% tin. The binders are organic and non toxic.


The container that the powder comes in is deliberately larger than needed so it can be reused afterwards. Please do your part for the environment and keep the container for future use (non food use only).Goldie Sculptor's Bronze shrinks by about 9%-14% on firing, depending on the shape and the size of the piece.

This clay comes in dry powder form. Mix only the amount you need which allows you to always have fresh clay with the perfect texture. You'll have longer working time and a more workable product when the clay is mixed fresh as you need it.

Click Here for mixing and firing schedules

Goldie Sculptors Bronze 100g