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Better Bond and 3 size Needle Tool combo pack!
Welcome to the world of Better Bond!

Each bottle of BB comes with a dropper nozzle and a precision tip.  To use precision tip, remove the dropper nozzle insert, carefully to avoid damaging the cap or bottle.  Remove the white band (it is on the precision tip nozzle) and place the rubber circle attachment on the bottle, below where the precision cap will rest.  Screw the precision tip on the bottle.  BB works just like glue.  Put a drop on your piece and attach your 2nd piece.  Use sparingly as it bonds quickly.  Apply a small amount of pressure for a few seconds to ensure a good connection.  BB can be used in the greenware stage as well as fired-to-fired pieces with fresh clay. 


Better Bond has been tested and successful with:

Project X - 999, 960 & 925

Artclay 999 & 950

AMC 960

Goldie Hard, Sculpters and De La Rosa

5 Star regular & light bronze


AMC Gold Bronze & Copper

Artclay Bronze & Copper

Combo - Better Bond/Needle Tool